Hello everyone hope all are doing a very good day. Today I will explain which hosting will be best for your website which has Ezoic approved. Many websites get some critical errors when they are using Ezoic. The main reason behind this problem is hosting.

There are thousands or thousands of hosting out there on the internet. But which one will be best for you when you are using the Ezoic AI network? Here we are to explain which Hosting will be the best for you.

Why do we get critical errors on our website when we are using EZOIC?

So, basically, the main point is that when you use Ezoic, you can see that it has a lot of processes. If we want to use Ezoic, we might need to add the nameserver to our domain.

If you are using a cheap domain and hosting, you will have a lot of difficulties when attempting to use Ezoic. When nameservers are added to a domain on Ezoic, which has a large number of IP addresses, a hosting provider’s bot with artificial intelligence (AI) scrolls every IP address from Ezoic.

If your hosting provider finds any kinds of suspicious IP addresses from Ezoic then they immediately Block that IP addresses and then we can see some critical errors on our website.

In this case all you have to do to talk to your hosting provider service and then you have to tell them to whitelist the Ezoic IP address. If they whitelist the Ezoic IP addresses then your website will work perfectly.

If the hosting provider doesn’t whitelist the IP addresses of Ezoic then you have to skip that hosting and use another hosting provider.

And hence, the topic of today is which hosting is best for your website and which uses Ezoic.

Which Hosting will be good For Ezoic?

For Ezoic, there are 5 different hostings or CDN categories. However, today I’ll talk about three different categories that could be very helpful to you in resolving Ezoic critical errors or origin errors.

If you want to use Managed WordPress Hosting then you have to choose:

If you want to use Basic WordPress Hosting then you have to choose:

If you want to use Custom, Scalable Super-Fast Hosting then you have to choose:

Which one will be the best for you?

So if you want to use better hosting for your website which is on Ezoic then I will recommend you to use Siteground and a2 hosting. Because of this to hosting provider is one of the best hosting providers on the internet.

If you take a look on the internet about this hosting provider’s website then you can see lots of reviews and lots of content that Is already available on the internet. You can check each and every single hosting provider review on the internet then you can go on with one of them.

When they attempt to log into the dashboard of their website, the majority of Ezoic users report receiving origin errors and some critical errors. The hosting is typically to blame for this critical error type.

If your current host was unable to resolve your IP address issue through support, I advise switching to the hosting I have mentioned above in this article. This is because, even though you cannot use Ezoic, you must whitelist the Ezoic IP address in order to use it.

Because when you are using it right then you have to change the name server for that reason quite IP will affect your website If you are using some other hosting that was not recommended by Ezoic.

You can easily use different kinds of hosting services without the recommendations of Ezoic but you have to be careful that the hosting provider why you are getting the hosting services will help you in the future when you get a critical error like an origin error.

What did the other hosting providers do?

Some hosting providers allow whitelisting the Ezoic IP addresses and some of them don’t allow that. If they don’t allow you to whitelist the easiest IP addresses then you have to simply change the hosting and use the recommendation hosting by Ezoic.

There is another simple way to use Ezoic’s own hosting service. If your website is already approved by Ezoic, and you are still getting the same problem of origin error then, you can simply change your hosting to Ezoic hosting.

Ezoic allows the publisher to use their own hosting service if your website gets approved by Ezoic.

These are the following simple process why you can remove your website origin error and critical errors who are you got by using Ezoic.

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