Hello everyone today we will talk about origin errors on your website. Some of the people who are beginners and connected their website through Ezoic, then face a problem like an origin error on their website.

First of all, we have to know what is origin error. An Origin Error occurs whenever the origin server isn’t providing the site.

Why do you get Origin Error?

Whenever you connect your website with Ezoic then you have to integrate the website through Ezoic. After the integration, it takes time to investigate your website, and also Ezoic has its IP address.

Some of the hosting providers didn’t allow all the Ezoic IP addresses on their hosting server.  the main reason behind this is there think Ezoic IP addresses are bot IP addresses. If the hosting provider company thinks that it’s bot IP addresses then they block all the Ezoic IP addresses.

How to solve The Origin Error?

Most hosting provider has their live chat or lives support.  if you are unable to fix the origin error by yourself then you must go to your hosting provider’s live chat and talk with them about this problem.

Because Ezoic is unable to help in this situation. Ezoic Has no control over this thing like origin errors or IP addresses.

When you are talking to your hosting provider with live chat,  then you have to say to your hosting provider to whitelist the Ezoic IP addresses on their server.

If your Hosting provider whitelists the Ezoic IP addresses then you will be able to access your website from a backend and also that origin error will be resolved.

Make sure to contact your hosting provider to solve the origin error. Make sure to talk with the technical support team. They are the best to help you on solving the technical problem as well.

If you wondering to change the hosting provider company then there are some Ezoic-friendly web hosting provider companies. Which may you should check out.

Ezoic-Friendly Hosting Companies:

  1. Kinsta
  2. Siteground
  3. A2 Hosting
  4. Ezoic Free Hosting
  5. Amazon Lightsail

These are the best Ezoic Friendly Hosting Companies that may be best for you. 

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