Hello everyone hope all are doing well. Today’s main topic is Ezoic Google Ad Manager Domain Disapprove. If you are an Ezoic user, you must be well-known by Ezoic Google Ad Manager. Before explaining more about this topic let’s know about Google Ad Manager.

What is Google Ad Manager?

Google Ad Manager is an ad exchange platform that is the most famous on the internet. Google Ad Manager was introduced by Google on June 27, 2018. The Google Ad Manager combines the features of two former services, which are Google’s DoubleClick subsidiary, DoubleClick for Publishers, and DoubleClick for Ad Exchange.

What is the main role of Ezoic on Google Ad Manager?

We recently learned about Google Ad Manager what it is and how it works. Basically, Ezoic is an AI platform it’s not an ad network. Ezoic takes the Google Ad Manager ad exchange service and places those ads in right place on your website. Ezoic takes almost 12 weeks to run the machine learning on your website.

By running this machine learning, Ezoic sees your website user’s activities. Ezoic sees your website visitors how they are scrolling how they are reading your articles and everything Ezoic learns from your website then Ezoic places the Google Ad Manager ads on your website.

That is how Ezoic work, cause Ezoic is not an ad network. But we all think that Ezoic is an ad network because they approve our website and show an ad. At this point, we can say Ezoic is an ad network but Ezoic announce that Ezoic is not an ad network it’s an AI-based platform that works like an ad exchange website or network.

Do I Join The Google Ad Manager Directly?

The answer is yes, You can use the Google Ad Manager directly but there is some huge condition that you might need to follow. Everyone is welcome to join Google Ad Manager for free there is no charge to join Google Ad Manager.

What were the requirements of Google Ad Manager if I want to join it directly?

To join the google ad manager you need to be 18+ older, the same as Google AdSense policy but a little bit different than Google AdSense. So you need to have a high-quality website where you are getting almost 1M+ or even more traffic before you are eligible to join the Google Ad Manager.

Important Note: To join the Google Ad Manager you might have a fresh google Adsense account. If you join Google Adsense before and you get penalized or suspended or google closed your account then you can’t able to join Google Ad Manager.

To Join Google Ad Manager you need a fresh Google AdSense account, a high-quality website, and around 1M+ traffic this thing is needed to join the world’s largest ads platform Google Ad Manager.

How to get approved the first time by Ezoic Google Ad Manager?

When you are joining the Ezoic then you have to do almost 5 steps:

  1. Ezoic Review.
  2. Connect to Google.
  3. ads.txt integration.
  4. Placeholder setup.
  5. Percentage of traffic setup.

In this segment number, 1 & number 2 are difficult parts but if your website is legit and has high-quality content then you will be able to pass these steps.

Number 1: Ezoic Review:

Before submitting your website to Ezoic you have to be careful about your website traffic. If your website traffic coming from google then fine. If it’s coming from a direct or unknown source then you should not submit your website in Ezoic.

Cause if you have at least 5000 pageviews or 1000 page views per month and if it is coming from google then you should submit the website on Ezoic.

Number 2: Connect to Google:

This one is really complicated, if you apply on Google Ad Manager then you have to fill out the Google Ad Manager form before creating the account. When you join Ezoic then they will send the Google Ad Manager invitation to your mail which you have submitted to create the Ezoic Account.

You have to open your mail and click on the invite button then you will redirect to the Google Ad Manager form to fill it out. 

How much time does Google Ad Manager take to approve the account?

Within 24 working hours, Google Ad Manager takes to approve the account. But in some conditions, they take at least 2-5 days to approve your Google Ad Manager account.

How you can solve Ezoic Google Ad Manager Domain Disapprove?

This is the main part of this content. When you apply on Ezoic then you have to create a Google Ad Manager account and then you have to submit the domain as well to Google Ad Manager. But most of the people who use Ezoic get an issue with Ezoic Google Ad Manager Domain Disapprove.

In this condition, you have to follow the Google AdSense policy to solve the Ezoic Google Ad Manager Domain Disapprove problem. 

Now you are thinking that if your website is rejected by AdSense then AdSense shows you the reason but Ezoic doesn’t show the reason.

The answer is yes Ezoic also shows you the reason why you have to get a rejection from Ezoic’s Google Ad Manager Domain. If you want to see the issue details then you have to follow this step.

Step number 1 have to open your Ezoic account then you have to find the Ezoic Monetization dashboard after opening you have to scroll down and find the GOOGLE AD MANAGER MULTIPLE CUSTOMER MANAGEMENT, after finding this segment you will see this text ( Ad Manager Domain Status Choose a domain to check the status ) chose your domain then Ezoic will show you the reason.

Ezoic account => Ezoic Monetization => GOOGLE AD MANAGER MULTIPLE CUSTOMER MANAGEMENT => Ad Manager Domain Status => Chose your domain => Find the issue details.

After finding the issue you have to follow the Adsense policy and solve the issue that you have gotten. 

Most of the issues are:

  1. Low-value content.
  2. Website Navigation issue.
  3. Website Under Construction.
  4. Webmaster Quality Guidelines.

Ezoic Google Ad Manager Domain Disapprove solve tricks:

My suggestion is that if you are getting any kind of this issue and your website is perfectly okay then you should upload some content regularly and every day update the website. These simple little tricks are enough to get Ezoic Google Ad Manager Domain approved.

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